Case Studies – A Leading Automobile Company

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The Client: A leading automobile company

The Challenge: A leading automobile company has been bringing its brand’s sheer driving pleasure to their consumers. In 2017, the client wanted to appeal to a niche segment of healthcare professionals with high purchasing power. These healthcare professionals are potential buyers of their newly released luxury car models. MIMS had the
perfect solution for the client.

The Solution: Deploying a multi-channel marketing strategy, MIMS provided close to 9,000 doctors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the client’s brand experience. Not only were the cars promoted across various platforms, the marketing campaign also drove the target audience to an exclusive test-drive event to immerse themselves first hand in the client’s brand experience. Within two weeks of the campaign, the sign-up target exceeded by 15%, where it was a fruitful partnership between the client and MIMS.

MIMS Case Studies - Automobile