COVID-19: MIMS Business Continuity Plan in Place

As the pandemic continues to spread globally, our employees and valued customers remain a priority.

Being Asia’s leading provider of medical information, our time-tested repository of up-to-date drug information can be accessed conveniently by healthcare professionals – in print and digital. Kudos to our credible team of medically trained writers and editors who continuously ensure the availability of comprehensive and accurate medical information on our platform. At MIMS, we continue to empower the healthcare professionals while they fight COVID-19 round the clock

The role of digital channels in knowledge exchange has become more important than ever at this time. We provide innovative ways to virtually connect and share clinical information and education. Our team from Medical Communications has extensive experience of delivering online events in all shapes and sizes – from virtual advisory boards to educational webinars – for audiences across Asia and beyond.

At MIMS, we protect the health and wellbeing of our employees. A remote working policy has been implemented regionally and work has been going on smoothly. With our business continuity plan in place, we will ensure that the global healthcare community continues to have access to high-quality drug information and the latest medical news on our digital platform (