We provide tailored solutions to leading pharmaceutical companies and established healthcare institutions across the world.

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Drug Listing

MIMS Drug Reference provides healthcare professionals with today’s drug prescribing information customised to each country’s healthcare setting (available in print, digital and mobile).

Pharmaceutical companies can be assured that the products they have listed with MIMS can be accessed conveniently by healthcare professionals.

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Marketing Platform

We provide comprehensive coverage in award-winning magazines such as MIMS Doctor, MIMS JPOG and MIMS Oncology. Coverage includes local and regional industry updates, expert opinions, case studies, medical symposium highlights and more.

To enhance the effectiveness of outreach initiatives towards the healthcare community, we provide the following services:

  • Advertisements
  • Targeted email marketing
  • Market research and surveys
  • Materials for Continuous Medical Education (CME)

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Medical Communications

We have a large team of medical communications writers, editors, creatives and project managers who collaborate to build compelling content for different uses. This can be for materials such as technical documents and dossiers, clinical papers and manuscripts as well as educational and brand-driven promotional materials.

Our team is capable of providing customised solutions suited to your business needs.

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HCPs Recruitment Services

Specialised in placement of healthcare professionals for global healthcare institutions, we have the skills and knowledge to provide the best opportunities for career advancement/placement.

Our reliable and professional services ensure effective matching of talent to opportunity, and we are capable of managing the entire procedure from contact to delivery.

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MIMS Malaysia
Business Team

Tatsuya Koike

President, Recruiting Services

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Tatsuya Koike
President, Recruiting Services

Tatsuya Koike is the President of Recruiting Services. He leads regional teams in providing recruitment services and placement of healthcare professionals in clinics and hospitals in Asia Pacific.

Tatsuya began his career at MIMS’s parent company, Senior Marketing System (SMS) Co. Ltd. in Japan in 2007 as a Sales Representative of Media Division. He quickly progressed to become the Marketing Manager of Media Planning Division in 2008 and then the Product Manager of Care Vision. He became the Business Development Manager of Overseas Division in 2013 and was the Director of SMS Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore for 2 years before joining MIMS Group in 2017.

Tatsuya has more than five years of experience in Business Development and Management of Medical and IT sectors. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry at Saitama University, Japan.

Eileen Khoo

Business Director,
Drug Listing, Malaysia

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Eileen Khoo
Business Director, Drug Listing, Malaysia

Eileen is the Business Director of Listing Division in Malaysia. She leads her team in growing the Listing business from a print media to a multi-channel platform, as well as successfully launched specialty publications in tandem with the market trends.

She began her career in MIMS Group in 1995 as Marketing Services Manager and has since grew within the company from Group Business Manager in 2001 to Regional Division Manager in 2013 and her current position as VP since 2016.

Her experience of over 10 years in sales and marketing from the pharmaceutical industry has helped her understand the pharma marketers’ needs and implementation of their plans via MIMS channels.

Tetsuya Hamaki

Regional Editorial Operations & Delivery, Drug Listing & Clinical Decision Solutions

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Tetsuya Hamaki
Director, Regional Editorial Operations & Delivery, Drug Listing & Clinical Decision Solutions

Tetsuya Hamaki is the Director, Regional Editorial Operations & Delivery, Drug Listing & Clinical Decision Solutions of MIMS Group, and he is responsible for the organization’s operation and delivery functions of several business and also business intelligence function in the group.

Tetsuya started his career at IBM Business Consulting Services KK in Japan as an business consultant responsible for many projects with major Japanese companies mainly in retail, energy, finance industry.

In 2008, Tetsuya joined SMS Co. Ltd where he played a wide range of roles including leading investor-relations team when the company went public, carrying out major update of commercial website of the company involving 70 man-months development as a project manager, directing a subsidiary running nursing-care business. He participated a project of MIMS acquisition as a key member of business due diligence team and later joined the MIMS Group

Tetsuya holds a Master Degree in Engineering of Aeronautics and Astronautics from University of Tokyo, Japan.

Audrey Ooi

Business Development Director, Medcomms and MPF

Melorita Healthcare

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