Improving Clinic Efficiency on a Shoestring Budget: MIMS launches MIMS CIS Practice Management Software in Malaysia

The process of setting up and operating a medical practice of any nature can be increasingly challenging with respect to clinic operations and administration as well as business efficiency. MIMS, a veteran in the Asian healthcare industry has addressed these challenges with the launch of its latest practice management solution – MIMS Clinic Information System (CIS).

The MIMS CIS system is a cloud-based application developed specially for small to medium sized medical practices with a mission to automate clinical tasks in a safe and efficient manner for a low fee.

The healthcare industry has long been burdened by slow innovation due to complexities of the medical ecosystem. From retrieving patient reports, insurance authorisations to x-ray report delivery; these daily clinical functions result in time consuming costly expenses and a liability to every healthcare provider.

Keeping these concerns in mind, MIMS has built a system for optimum flexibility to ensure the unique needs of each medical practice is met. MIMS CIS is built based on a modular concept or building blocks. This enables customisation for common concerns such as maintaining Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), medical inventory monitoring or billing management to expedite financial transactions.

To date, the application has received encouraging feedback by users particularly for its affordability as well as its comprehensive yet streamlined and user-friendly features. The cloud-based system reduces paperwork, cuts the need for physical storage space and improves safety by limiting medical errors due to illegible writing and miscommunication.

Over the years, progress in medical field has not only brought global benefits but established a new set of problems too. Health professionals have repeatedly made headlines for getting involved in medicolegal cases. Pharmacists have been caught hoarding medications and diluting prescriptions for patients, and complaints have been filed against physicians for communication errors and regulatory mishaps.

With a practice management system like the MIMS CIS, the ability to minimise such errors and the goal to provide quality healthcare without compromising profitability is within reach.

About MIMS Group

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