MIMS and Makati Medical Center Partner to enhance Medication Adherence and Safety

MIMS, a leading provider of drug information and medical education for healthcare professionals, is expanding its relationship with Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed) to further its mission of enhancing medication adherence and safety outcomes. MakatiMed’s Integrated Hospital Information Management System (iHIMS) will employ medicine information and decision support data from the MIMS Healthcare Data product suite – MIMS Integrated, which will be embedded within the prescription workflow. This enables doctors, pharmacists and nurses to have point-of-care access to medicine information, and medication safety alerts such as drug interactions, drug allergies, drug duplications, overdoses, contraindications and more.

In 2013, MakatiMed became the first hospital in the Philippines to use MIMS Gateway, a web-based clinical reference solution that contains practical resources such as prescribing information for locally approved medicine, patient-friendly medicine information, product image identification tool, decision support tools for screening of potential drug interactions, allergies and contraindications, treatment guidelines, and more.

“We are pleased that MakatiMed has placed their trust in MIMS Integrated to support medication-related decisions within the prescription workflow,” said Leong Wai Fun, Deputy Director of MIMS Healthcare Data Services. “MIMS is focused on helping clinicians make informed decisions at the point-of-care, thus we support this mission by giving our customers practical, relevant and highly useful knowledge solutions that would improve medication adherence and safety.”

Medication error is a global issue, but most studies have taken place in developed countries. In addition, there are no published statistics on medication errors in the Philippines. The 1999 Institute of Medicine Report “To Err is Human” declared as many as 98,000 patients in the United States die annually as the result of preventable medical harm. The same report found 7,000 deaths each year are caused by medication errors.

Medication is the cornerstone of care provision. Although the safe use of medication can improve and save the lives of millions, errors in the medication use can lead to equally significant consequences. A medication error is any preventable event that may lead to inappropriate use or cause patient harm, while the medication is in the control of the healthcare professional or patient. Such events may be related to errors in prescription, product labeling and packaging, dispensing, compounding, administration, monitoring, miscommunication or improper use.

About MIMS Group

Established in 1963, MIMS is a multi-channel provider of drug information, medical education and services connecting healthcare communities. Our work empowers healthcare communities to improve patient outcomes by facilitating knowledge exchange and better decision-making. Today, MIMS is present in 12 countries across Asia Pacific with approximately two million healthcare professional subscribers to its drug & resource portal, digital and print publications.