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Reference & Clinical Decision Support

We are committed to empower healthcare professionals in making informed decisions at the point-of-care, improving patient outcomes every step of the way. From print, mobile, web and integrated clinical systems, our comprehensive and trusted medical information is presented in a clear, consistent and familiar format that is easy to use.


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MIMS offers a comprehensive knowledge base of locally approved medicines information powered by internationally referenced clinical decision support modules that are developed by our expert team of clinicians.

MIMS Integrated

Provides health systems, HIS/EMR vendors and healthcare professionals with a suite of application-specific drug information designed to increase their workflow efficiency and help them enhance medication management at the point of care. Content is available as flat file databases and as application programming interface (API) tools to help ease the burden of programming and development.

  • Embedded into the clinical application to provide real time and contextual information by interacting intelligently with the patient’s profile
  • Offers comprehensive knowledge bases that support healthcare professionals in making better-informed prescription and therapeutic choices at the point of prescribing or dispensing
  • Contributes to improving the quality of patient care in the area of medication management
  • Being a well-structured, expressive drug database, it can be mapped to any hospital formulary
  • Available as API and flat file formats for integration into clinical applications
  • Decision Support Modules are internationally referenced and clinically reviewed

Modules include:

  1. Drug Info
  2. Drug Alert
  3. Drug Allergy Alert
  4. Drug Duplicate Alert
  5. Drug Health Alert
  6. Drug Pregnancy Alert
  7. Drug Lactation Alert
  8. Drug Dose Alert
  9. Patient Med Info
  10. Cautionary Advisory Labels
  11. Drug Images

MIMS Gateway

An intelligent workflow-oriented resource designed specifically for healthcare professionals’ daily clinical practice needs.

  • A flexible and intuitive search engine enables quick access to comprehensive and relevant information
  • Clinical Intelligence Dashboard can be customised to display multiple clinical content resources that best fit the clinician’s practice needs, presenting search results in a single-view integrated display
  • Powered by MIMS Drug Information and combined with clinical decision support tools and renowned international medical resources, delivering a convenient, comprehensive and seamlessly integrate suite of information through a single point of access.

Modules include:

  1. Drug Info
  2. Product Image Identification
  3. Drug Interaction & Allergy Check
  4. Drug Disease Interaction Check
  5. Medical Calculators & Scoring Tools
  6. MIMS News Journals – MIMS Doctor, MIMS Oncology, MIMS Pharmacy News & Insights
  7. MIMS Disease Charts
  8. MIMS Clinical Tables

Clinical Terminology Mapping

Mapping between an institution’s Drug Formulary List and MIMS Medicines Terminology is essential for enabling the functioning of MIMS Integrated Decision Support Modules within the institution’s clinical information system (CIS).

A clinician utilising the CIS for prescription ordering could select from his/her institution’s Drug Formulary List. The CIS could automatically retrieve the MIMS Medicines Terminology code (already mapped to the prescribed drug of interest) and parse it into the MIMS Application Programming Interface (API) to perform the drug information retrieval and interaction alert checks.

MIMS Medicines Terminology is validated with careful quality assurance procedures to ensure that it is structurally sound, accurate and consistent.

MIMS Integrated (API)

Delivered via an Application Programming Interface (API) called FastTrack. By utilising FastTrack API, the medicines information and decision support modules can be quickly integrated into third-party clinical applications system. Development and testing times are reduced, allowing for fast deployment to the end users. FastTrack is implemented as an XML based API which allows for a great deal of flexibility in the integration and presentation of the data within the clinical application. Functionality is provided to allow access to the Drug Info module as well as to support the interactive screening modules such as Drug Alert and Drug Allergy Alert. Built for speed and ease of deployment, FastTrack API has been designed to be the most convenient way to deploy MIMS knowledge into your application. FastTrack API is compatible on Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Module Information

Drug Info

Up-to-date prescribing information on pharmaceutical products.

Product Images

Images of locally registered pharmaceutical products for easy identification.

Drug Alert

Detects significant drug-drug interactions.
Provides severity and documentation levels as filtering parameters.

Drug Allergy Alert

Detects potential drug allergies by comparing patient’s allergy profile against prescribed medications.

Drug Duplicate Alert

Detects therapeutic duplication against prescribed medications.

Drug Health Alert

Detects drug and health issue interactions by comparing patient’s diagnosis profile against prescribed medications.

Drug Pregnancy Alert

Detects if prescribed medicines have adverse effect on pregnant women and foetus, as well as women of childbearing age.

Drug Lactation Alert

Detects if prescribed medicines have adverse effect on nursing mothers and infants.

Drug Dose Alert

Detects if dosages fall outside recommended therapeutic ranges. Screening parameters include age, gender, height, weight, body surface area.

Patient Med Info

Simplified, easy-to-read consumer medicine information. Available in several languages including English, Chinese and Malay.

Cautionary Advisory Labels

Succinct advice to be added to dispensing labels to reinforce essential information patient needs to know.