MIMS collaborates with Singapore Management University (SMU-X) to combine academic rigour with experiential learning

MIMS collaborated with Singapore Management University (SMU-X), School of Economics, as part of SMU – X’s initiative to combine academic rigour with experiential learning. The two organizations jointly worked on topics around the impact of COVID-19 on Pharmaceutical Supply Chains, Preventive Healthcare and the Rise of Telemedicine in South East Asia.

Our Executive Vice President, Mr Sohil Goswami is the active mentor for this year’s programme and contributed to the development of research topics. On 8 April 2021, he participated in the grading of the final presentations and said,  “The pandemic has increased the attention towards healthcare policy, planning and communications to empower healthcare professionals and patients alike, a mission which MIMS has stood by for decades. The students from SMU-X worked on real-world research topics put forward by MIMS and presented thought-provoking findings which we hope to utilize as an input in planning our businesses throughout South East Asian Countries”.

Dr Seonghoon Kim, the professor of this programme shared that, “Closely working with the leading player in the healthcare industry is a very fruitful experience for my students who want to pursue a career path in the area of healthcare. They learnt about the real-world problems in the sector and gained relevant expertise to solve those problems through this collaborative project with MIMS”.

We look forward to continuing such partnerships and create meaningful impacts on our business and the institution.