MIMS is the Editorial Contents Provider for Singapore’s NDF Initiative

Singapore – MIMS, the region’s leading healthcare data and medical knowledge provider, is proud to announce that MIMS has successfully collaborated with Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) on  the editorial contents for the National Drug Formulary (NDF) website. The NDF is a MOH initiative under the National Pharmacy Strategy and the website is currently live at www.ndf.gov.sg.

The NDF website aims to establish a Singapore-specific, authoritative and national reference to guide evidence-based best practices for medication prescribing, dispensing, administration and monitoring by consolidating local clinical and drug-related information. NDF provides drug and post-marketing information from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), subsidy information and drug guidance from the Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) and, general availability information from all of Singapore’s public healthcare institutions. MIMS, with its team of clinical editors, worked closely with MOH to organize and curate all these information for the NDF website within the stipulated timeframe.

“We at MIMS have been working to empower healthcare communities through our in-house products and services. The NDF website is an important initiative in Singapore’s healthcare landscape and is in line with our vision and mission,” said Masaki Takahata, Chief Executive Officer of MIMS Group.

The Project Lead and Editorial Director at MIMS, Leong Wai Fun said, “We are delighted to have been an editorial partner, contributing to the content curation of NDF and enabling healthcare professionals to select safe and effective medicines for patients in Singapore.”

We look forward to such partnerships in the region and support clinicians in improving patient outcomes.