MIMS Announces Strategic Collaboration with Syneos Health Communications to Enhance Digitally-Enabled Solutions

MIMS, the largest multi-channel provider of drug information, medical communications, events management and marketing services in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region – today announced a strategic collaboration with Syneos Health Communications – the portfolio of Syneos Health® agencies designed to deliver insights-driven integrated communications spanning advertising, public relations, patient advocacy, medical communications, managed markets, omnichannel, naming and branding. Together, both companies will build scalable, purpose-built teams that partner across disciplines and geographies to accelerate customer performance.

“This collaboration complements each company’s geographical footprint to ensure the voice of APAC is heard in any global assignment,” said Victor Wright, President, Medical Marketing Strategic Unit, MIMS. “By tapping into Syneos Health Communications’ expertise and capabilities, we can offer new solutions that enable clients to further drive their commercial success.”

For more than 50 years, MIMS has been a trusted medical knowledge source dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals. MIMS has deep and diverse expertise in the medical marketing space – from data-driven marketing and events management to scientific strategy and digital medication safety solutions. Today, MIMS is present in 16 markets across APAC and over two million healthcare professionals subscribe to its drug and resource portal, inclusive of both digital and print publications.

“This is an exciting chapter in our global growth strategy and strengthens our position as a leading multi-dimensional, full-service communications powerhouse,” said Ian Dorrian, President, Syneos Health Communications Europe. “Already operating in the US, South America, India and Europe, our collaboration with MIMS will advance our deep medical affairs, clinical and commercial deployment footprints in APAC by adding a variety of comprehensive regional communications disciplines.”

Syneos Health Communications is the only healthcare communications network that is part of a company on the frontlines of healthcare, with a clear view into the everyday complexities of life and health. As part of Syneos Health® (Nasdaq:SYNH), its agencies – consisting of leading brands and experts in advertising, branding, public relations, managed markets and medical communications — are engaged in every point of influence in health, providing real-world insight into markets and audiences in ways that no other partner could.

About MIMS: Empowering Healthcare Communities to Improve Patient Outcomes

MIMS is Asia’s largest multi-channel provider of drug information, medical communications, events management and marketing services. Established in 1963, our work empowers healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes by facilitating knowledge exchange and better decision- making. Today, MIMS is present in 16 markets across Asia Pacific with over two million healthcare professional subscribers to our drug & resource portal, digital and print publications.

Combining healthcare communications expertise with our established networks and presence in the Asian healthcare community, we enable clients to engage their stakeholders in meaningful dialogue through a range of medical and marketing communications services.

MIMS has offices in the following Asia markets:

Singapore (headquarters), Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea; Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam

Learn more at https://corporate.mims.com/ or follow us on https://www.linkedin.com/company/mims-pte-ltd/

About Syneos Health Communications: At the Heart of Health

Syneos Health Communications is a purpose-built portfolio of innovative health-first, health-only advertising, branding, medical communications, market access and public relations agencies. We are fiercely focused on creating platforms that allow our customers to bring life-changing healthcare solutions to the world. We are an unrivaled community—powered by 29,000 clinical and commercial minds across Syneos Health®—that operates at the intersection of health, technology, and creativity. By harnessing data and behavioral sciences, we get to deeper, more actionable insights that drive behavior change.

Our agencies include Addison Whitney, Biosector 2, Cadent Medical Communications, Chamberlain Healthcare Public Relations, Chandler Chicco Agency, GSW, Litmus, Genicos and Spherico Managed Markets Communications. We work as scalable, collaborative teams that partner across disciplines and geographies to deliver integrated communications strategies that accelerate brand performance.

Learn more at syneoshealthcommunications.com or follow us on https://www.linkedin.com/company/syneoshealthcommunications/